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Mold Testing Kits For You Because Your Family’s
Health Is Your Primary Concern!

Would it surprise you to discover your family’s health problems were being caused by airborne spores emitted from toxic mold or what is also known as fungus growing inside your home?

So Where Does Mold Grow?

You have heard all the horror stories about toxic mold and worry that some of your children’s symptoms might be due to the presence of mold in your home.

You don’t know for sure if you even have a mold problem and not all molds are harmful! So rather than hire a mold testing company that will charge several hundred dollars to first SEE if you even have mold, test it yourself first and save money.

Mold testing kits can let you know whether you have a mold issue in your home. DIY Mold tests can also offer you some assistance with finding concealed mold, measuring your indoor air quality and distinguishing what types of mold is in your home. You can buy mold test packs which you can use to gather mold tests yourself.

This is a less costly alternative than hiring a professional mold company – find out what you have first!  The specimens you gather will be sent away to a professional mold testing laboratory which will let you know the results.

Easily Test The Air Quality Yourself…

Get Piece Of Mind With These Mold Testing Kits

Spore Trap Test Kit

Ideal For Airborne Mold

Quickly and easily identify airborne mold with-in your home. They are collected by the Test Kit for identification.

Spore Trap Collection Dish for Airborne Mold
Learn More

Mold Tape Lifts

Ideal for Visible Mold

These mold tape lifts (3) are as easy as applying to an area with visible mold and waiting for the strips to react.

How To Test Visible Mold
Learn More

Mold Swab Test

Ideal for Hidden Mold

For hard to reach areas that may hide mold – under the stove, behind the refrigerator, etc.

Mold Tape Lifts for Visible Mold Includes Lab
Learn More

Inclusive Mold Testing Kit

Ideal for all situations

All-in-one test kit is the most comprehensive in the industry. The test kit allows you to test for all situations.

Most Inclusive Mold Testing Kit Family Pack
Learn More

Know What You’re Really Dealing With First
So You Can Effectively Protect Your Family

Mold has the potential to destroy property and cause health problems for those most susceptible to mold allergies or have other medical issues. But not all mold problems are catastrophic. This is why it is so important to identify the types of mold present.

Certain mold species may cause serious illness in infants, the elderly, or people with weak immune systems. If you suspect your property has a mold problem, whether mold is visible or not, the first responsible step is to take swift action. We provide simple, inexpensive mold testing kits you can do yourself.

Is mold causing your family’s health issues? Test it yourself first and save money to know for sure!

The Effects Of Some Types Of Mold
Can Be Devastating To Your Health!

No Need To Hire A Mold Testing Company For Initial Testing

If mold is detected and determined to be harmful, then you can hire a mold remediation company to rid your home of the mold.

And, we will walk you through the process!

We provide simple tests you can do without expensive kits or testing equipment. Protect your family from any harmful mold spores. Know what you are dealing with before you call in the professionals.

Save hundreds of dollars by testing your home or office first! An educated homeowner is our best customer.

Test The Air Quality Of Your Home Today!

Your Home Could Be Making You Sick!

Eyes Irritated and Itchy

Are Your Eyes Often Irritated and Itchy?

You assume it is allergies, but what kind of allergy? It could be an allergy to mold. Because mold grows year-round, mold allergies generally aren’t seasonal like other allergies. If you do have mold, eliminating the mold will eliminate the uncomfortable symptoms.

Hay Fever Symptoms

Are You Miserable With Hay Fever Symptoms?

You may initially think you have a cold, an allergy, or a sinus infection; the symptoms are very similar to mold allergies. However, with mold allergies, without removing the mold, your symptoms will not stop or go away until you remove the mold.

Are you concerned about the mold you see in your home?

Do You Have Visible Mold Growing?

How do you know what kind of mold it is? Not all molds are dangerous but some have the potential to cause serious health issues. You owe it to yourself and your family to determine if it is toxic or not. We make it easy to test it yourself first and save!

Do you smell something in your home that could be mold?

Do You Notice Damp or Musty Odors?

This could be a sign of mold growing, and if it is mold, it could be just the the tip of the iceberg. It you don’t take care to remove this pesky problem, you can bet that it will prosper and grow. And what if the mold is toxic with subsequent serious health threats?

Test The Air Quality Of Your Home Today!


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Is Your Home Making You Sick?
Would it surprise you to discover your family’s health problems were being caused by airborne spores emitted from toxic mold growing inside your home?
  • Are your eyes often irritated & itchy?
  • Are you miserable with hay fever?
  • Do you have visible mold growing?
  • Do you notice damp or musty odors?
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